Information Privacy Policy

Information Privacy Policy

Updated Sept 23, 2021

This policy describes how Johns Hopkins University will process and analyze your personal data.

At Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, we strive for excellence in research and discovery. The safety of your personal information is of utmost priority. Please take a moment to read our privacy policy and contact us at with any questions.


We collect information about you in this study. People at Johns Hopkins who are involved in the study or who need to make sure the study is being done correctly will see the information. 

People at Johns Hopkins may need to send your information to people outside of Johns Hopkins (for example, government groups like the Food and Drug Administration) who are involved in the study or who need to make sure it is being done correctly.

These people will use your information only for the purpose of the study.

Your Authorization for the collection, use, and sharing of your information does not expire. We will continue to collect information about you until the end of the study unless you tell us that you have changed your mind. If you change your mind and do not want your information to be used for the study, you must contact the team at Your cancellation will not affect information already collected in the study, or information that has already been shared with others before you cancelled your authorization.

We try to make sure that everyone who needs to see your information uses it only for the study and keeps it confidential – but we cannot guarantee this.

What information will you collect about participants in this study?

We collect demographic data, behaviors, and medical history including previous COVID-19 infection. This information can include, but is not limited to, age, sex, race and education level.

Identifiable private information

To protect your information you will be assigned a unique study ID. The linkage to the patient information will be stored on REDCap (a secure, encrypted and password protected server) and only available to the principal investigator, Co-principal investigator, and approved research assistants. There is the risk that information about you may become known to people outside this study.

If I signed up to enroll, can I change my mind and not participate anymore?

Yes. Your participation in our study is voluntary. You reserve the right to withdraw at any time, even after you have provided us with personal information. Please contact us at if you no longer wish to participate.

What will happen to my blood? Will you share it with anyone else?

Blood is drawn by LabCorp and the test results are sent to our study team. Your blood sample is not shared with researchers at Johns Hopkins.

You may download our online Waiver of Written Consent above.